Arthur C. Pillsbury

Protecting and Preserving All Life -- By Extending Human Vision

Individuals, Organizations and Governmental Bodies

The individuals and institutions, organizations and governmental bodies named below were involved but not necessarily aware what was going forward.  Other individuals profited from the ongoing effort but, themselves, took no action but to cnjoy unearned benefits.  The steps folks take not to be outed can be very amusing, so read about all of them.  Get ready to express your opinion on En-Titled Elites? , the TV Show which, Interactively, gives everyone a voice unfiltered by the one-way Main Stream Media.  Watch the larger action at Freedom TV Networks.

​​    Individuals​​ now Deceased

 Individuals now Living

Institutions, Organizations & Government

Michael Adams
Jeanne Falk Adams
Anne Adams (Helms)
 Kenneth Helms (Adams)

Virginia Mayhew
                    New York City
Alison Mayhew Jaques
Sarah Adams

                    Lee Vining
Sylvia Mayhem Desin
                    Pleasanton, California,
Matthew Adams

​Steven Douglas Harrison
​                    North Carolina
Rick Norsigian 
​                    Fresno, California
Ted Orland

Ansel Adams 
              Adams Time Line

Virginia Best Adams

Horace Albright

Harry Cassie Best

Rell Gardner Francis

Stephen Mather​

Woodrow Wilson

Bancroft Library
Madden Library
National Park Service
Sierra Club 
Yosemite Park
​Yosemite Museum

Historic People