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Or, Covering-Up the Cover-Up required to Cover-Up  the Conspiracy to reframe history and eliminate early film-maker, inventor, good friend of John Muir and determined Preservationist Arthur C. Pillsbury from history.  

Arthur C. Pillsbury was the equivilent for his time of the leading edge in high-tech.  He majored in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and his innovations and inventions, while a student, included the first motorcycle built in California, the first specimen slicer for a microscope, and the first circuit panorama camera.  He also worked for the Southern Pacific as a photographer, the US Geological Service as a surveyor, and was well informed on geological issues.  

He carried out a photographic survey of not only Yosemite but all National Parks and other wilderness areas regularly.  

In 1892 he purchased his first movie camera.  The work he chose to do was to record nature, showing nature films which presented the glories of nature as it is for the first time in 1909.  Thereafter, he showed his films, a steadily growing number of these, changing and extending their scope, every year.  These films were shown to local garden clubs and as short features in movie theaters.  They were licensed for foreign distribution by 1919.  

The first nature film.  Shown in Yosemite in 1909 and thereafter regularly, eventually in a theater which held 375 people.  Films included lapse-time for flowers and microscopic motion pictures of such incredible images as cells dividing, this in 1925.  

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